How to Optimize Your Trading Tool

Did you know there are tons of helpful tools out there to help you trade smarter, better, and faster? Though some tools (such as software) cost money, many are complimentary services provided by online traders. Here are some tools that can help you optimize your trading.

  1. The newspaper. You can’t write a trading tools article without including the old standby, right? Many prefer the Wall Street Journal, but just about any local rag will include a stocks report.
  2. Podcasts. Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular in-depth investment reporting outlets. Popular podcasts include: Wallstrip, The Disciplined Investor, Feed the Pig, Vanguard Plain Talk on Investing, Money Girl, Bill Gross’s Investing Outlook, and Marketplace Money
  3. Personalized Trade Reports. No matter if you’re looking to day trade or trade CFD, a personalized market report is a tailored briefing based on your trading profile. This way, you won’t have to skim past the information that doesn’t pertain to you.
  4. Daily Market Review. This is a report of the previous day’s market activity. Many daily market reviews are complimentary through online trading services.
  5. Customizable Charts. These allow you to track your individual stocks or compare them to other stocks. You can also add predetermined measurement rankings or choose a technical overlay.
  6. Trading Tip Emails. Many services offer daily or weekday-only emails with trading ideas, tips, and tricks.
  7. Books. It may seem off-putting to read a book when trading is such a hard-and-fast, cutting-edge industry. However, trading isn’t without its own list of must-reads. Consider “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,” “Market Wizards,” or “A Colossal Failure of Common Sense.”

Living Healthy is A Great Business Strategy

“ The business of America is business.” So said President Calvin Coolidge, long ago, in a much different era of American life. Apparently, Coolidge liked to get down to basics as far as the way he saw business and how it should be conducted. Today, however, we live in a far different time in U.S. history. Business today isn’t just about bankers making money. Business today manifests itself in many different ways, aided by new developments in technology and the energy of new ideas.


Organic Box Delivery

What’s changed?  The workings of business today are continually being renewed by the energy of small business owners who are creating something worthwhile to sell. Changes in information technology are now enabling many business owners to get their ideas out into the world in myriad ways—and to make money off them too.


The revolution of the food industry is a business development that’s taken place as the American palate has become more refined and sophisticated. The movement toward more natural, healthy foods began taking hold back in the 1960s, as a response to the post-WW II American lifestyle that put a big emphasis on convenience and packaged foods.

What began as a movement towards healthier eating, with more fresh fruit and vegetables and few preservatives, became a major industry, as “natural” and “organic” foods became a real alternative to much of the packaged fare being offered in traditional grocery stores.

Will Americans continue their trend towards buying organic and natural foods? Time will tell.

3 Ways to Choose a Career Path

A choice looms before you: a career must be selected, with the essential degree pursued and knowledge gained. You must carve a path of good intentions (and better sense). Such a path isn’t so easily crafted, however. There are three elements to first consider:


Life is shaped by interests – the little moments that snatch attention, demand all focus. Such moments are often dismissed as mere distractions, nothing more than weekend pleasures. They should instead, however, be branded proof of potential careers. You must do what you enjoy. Success can’t be earned when you despise every instant of the day. Your dissatisfaction will toss itself toward your work, obscuring efforts and tainting attempts. All choices must please.


Novelty is a familiar word: it often guides your decisions, leads you to favor the strange. The hours are too few, you believe, to waste on dull endeavors. You wish instead to experience all things bold. Such boldness can’t define your entire career path, however. There must instead be wisdom offered to your choices – with applicable degrees (earned from online classes) selected. You must give yourself opportunities, and these can’t be found in bizarre forms of study. Tailor your needs instead to real-world ideals.


Money is a necessity – however tragic such a thought may be. Dollars are needed to survive the day-to-day duties, and you must choose a career that can support the lifestyle you’re seeking. All degrees should be deciphered - at least in part – for the income they can generate. Families must be support and meager wages should be discounted. Finance is vital.

These three suggestions will help you choose a career that will satisfy.

Tips to Take Your Business to the Top

New business cards 

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Starting a business can be exciting, but scary. Even the smartest, most business-oriented people can be a scary thing. Luckily, you can draw on experience that others have gotten to develop your own business.

Every business needs a hook. Make your company original if you want to attract customers. If you are seen as “just another business,” you will have trouble making yourself seem attractive to many potential customers. You may be amazing at what you do, but that only helps if you can get enough customers to convince people of your skill and efficiency.

You should also have a well-defined image. You don’t want to be all over the place, claiming to be “the cheapest, best, nicest, etc.” When you make all these claims, people are likely to think you are none of the things you claim to be (and chances are you are not all those things). Find an image and a target audience, then focus on that. People know what they are looking for and you need to attract as many customers as you can in your target audience.

A genuine care for your customers is also necessary in the competitive field of business today. If you really want what is best for your customers and try to meet their needs, they will respect you and will be loyal customers.

Every business is different. There are many general tips that can help a growing business, but many things can only be learned through experience. Starting your business is only the first step in becoming a successful business.

Google’s New Baby; Android Market Web Store

Google has done it again. February 2nd they launched a new App Store called, the Android Market Web Store, with previews of their new iOS made for tablet computers and over 100,000 apps for Android users to browse through. Before this the apps were only accessible by a mobile app, but this one opens it up.
Google’s Android technology quickly became Apple Inc.’s leading smart phone iOS (having the largest smart phone market share), with developers creating over 300,000 different apps, total. Its first year was a whirlwind of success, selling over 14.8 million tablet computers and forcing developers all over the world to start looking into producing their own tablet products.
Apple’s newest toy, Honeycomb, is an iOS developed for tablet computers that will also work on smart phones, with an array of improvements to the user’s interaction with it. Google big-wigs wouldn’t talk about modifying the apps for others to use, but we all know it’s only a matter of time until it’s out there for anyone.
Google is Growing Up Fast With Apple

Honeycomb is Google’s first official act in releases for tablet computers. The dynamic basic interface of Honeycomb is more active with widgets being updated automatically on the home screen. Messages, weather, news and other apps are kept current, and yet other apps being used are noted along the bottom in easy-to-read boxes. Honeycomb is touted to have a more sophisticated look, too.
Google doesn’t mass produce its own products, it out-sources that by bringing software developers and hardware manufacturers together and making a profit on its advertising and gmail programs, which come standard in the new operating system.
Android is very popular; as per NPD Research, 53% of people that bought smart phones in one quarter bought an Android device. At the same time, iPhones were purchased by 19% of all US consumers.
It’s predicted that Apple will be coming out with a new version of iPad around the same time that Honeycomb reaches the market. We’ll have to wait and see.

Top Affiliate Programs for Small Business Marketing on a Budget

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When you run a small business, you have to be creative when it comes to marketing and advertising. The more creative that you are with your business advertising, the more likely you will be to find success in your ventures. There is no single right or wrong way to tackle the marketing and advertising for your company, and so it is a wise idea for you to consider as many different marketing and advertising tactics and techniques as you possibly can. There is no limit to what you can achieve when attempting to get your small business out there.

Creating one of the top affiliate programs is one way that you can generate marketing and advertising for your company when you are on a budget. The reason is because affiliate marketing puts the advertising and marketing process into the hands of someone else, and rewards them when their marketing efforts are in fact successful. For example, your affiliates would market or advertise the products or services that your company offers. Every time their marketing attempts generated a sale for your business, you would reward the affiliate in some way, such as a percentage of the sale amount.

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming a lucrative way for businesses and affiliates to profit from a mutually beneficial marketing and advertising experience. This is especially beneficial when you are trying to market your products or services on a shoestring budget, or when you need help with marketing and simply do not have the manpower in your employ in order to achieve it. Affiliate marketing is a highly customizable form of marketing that can benefit everyone that participates in the process along the way as long as you do it correctly and monitor the results.

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Start Up Business Tip: Joining the Chamber of Commerce

The hardest part about being a start up business is the ability to get customers to come to your business. People are unlikely to visit or use companies that they are unfamiliar with. So how does a start up business get their name out there for customers to know and trust? One of the most recommended ways to create a name for yourself as a business and gain referrals is by joining the local chamber of commerce.

A local chamber of commerce is a group of businesses that are located within one central location that focus upon networking and furthering other businesses. There are usually very few requirements to joining a chamber of commerce. The only requirements are that the business pay the fees associated with the chamber of commerce and the business operate within the area of the chamber of commerce.

Many businesses might ask themselves why joining a chamber of commerce is beneficial to their business. There are a number of reasons that joining a chamber of commerce can really help out a business.

The first benefit is that of the referrals. Many chamber of commerce members will recommend a business within the chamber of commerce over another local business. This type of referral service could really bring in a number of new customers to your place of business.

The second benefit of joining a chamber of commerce is the credibility that it creates. Many customers are likely to view a business more favorably if they are part of a chamber of commerce then if they were not. By just joining up with a local chamber of commerce you establish yourself as an important and established business.

The last benefit is that of advertising. Even if other chamber of commerce members do not recommend your service, the chamber of commerce itself will do some advertising. Your business will be listed on their site and in their booklets, which can create new customers.

Things to Keep in Mind When Developing a Small Business Strategy

Every business no matter how small or large will have to develop some type of business strategy. Business strategies are a key element to any business’ success. It allows owners and employees to know where a business stands and where to take that business in the future in order to reach certain goals. Business strategies are also important because they allow everyone within the company to work towards a common goal. However, there are certain elements that every business owner should keep in mind when they are developing a small business strategy.

Here is a look at some of the common things that should be kept in mind when businesses are developing a small business strategy.

Future, Near Future and Farther Future Planning. A common mistake that businesses make when developing a business strategy is to plan only for the then and now. Sometimes the strategy might look for a distant future but there is not much focus on any type of future. Without planning for the future a business might have problems developing past their original state.

Make Only Obtainable Goals. Small business owners tend to create strategies that have huge unobtainable goals inside them. While it is nice to have huge goals it can be discouraging to not be able to make your goals every business meeting. Make sure when planning a business strategy that you are including small obtainable goals within the strategy.

Use Your Competitors. When making a business strategy consider the use of your competitors when developing it. See what works for them and what does not and consider implementing those tools into your strategy. Many business owners will focus solely upon their own business when they make their business strategy but you have to also consider competitors, how they effect your business and what can be done about them in order to be successful.

Small Business Plan: How to Develop Business Relationships

Business relationships are a critical part of making any business a success. With the right relationships you will be able to grow your client base and be able to expand your business in the future. However, business relationships do not happen overnight. They take a bit of tending to. In fact, one of the most hands on aspect of starting up a business is finding and developing various business relationships. So where do business relationships come from? Here is a look at some ways that business relationships are developed over time.

Network Events. It might seem to a small business owner that those numerous networking events are a waste of your time but they can really help when it comes to business relationships. Networking events are a great way to spread not only your name but your business’ name throughout a community of people. Some of the best business relationships stem from networking events that are offered to business professionals. Networking events are also great events for businesses that are just starting out. It will help you get your new business name out there and help you establish some connections.

Credibility. After you have been in the market for a while you will start to develop credibility. No longer will you need to go out in search of networking events. Instead your network will come to you. People will come to you for advice and to form partnerships because you are a trusted and credible source in the community. They will want to be associated with you for that fact alone.

While networking events and credibility are a great way to build a business relationship it is important to remember that all relationships need to maintained. Make sure that you follow up with your business relationships and keep a balanced partnership and your business relationships should last.