Living Healthy is A Great Business Strategy

“ The business of America is business.” So said President Calvin Coolidge, long ago, in a much different era of American life. Apparently, Coolidge liked to get down to basics as far as the way he saw business and how it should be conducted. Today, however, we live in a far different time in U.S. history. Business today isn’t just about bankers making money. Business today manifests itself in many different ways, aided by new developments in technology and the energy of new ideas.


Organic Box Delivery

What’s changed?  The workings of business today are continually being renewed by the energy of small business owners who are creating something worthwhile to sell. Changes in information technology are now enabling many business owners to get their ideas out into the world in myriad ways—and to make money off them too.


The revolution of the food industry is a business development that’s taken place as the American palate has become more refined and sophisticated. The movement toward more natural, healthy foods began taking hold back in the 1960s, as a response to the post-WW II American lifestyle that put a big emphasis on convenience and packaged foods.

What began as a movement towards healthier eating, with more fresh fruit and vegetables and few preservatives, became a major industry, as “natural” and “organic” foods became a real alternative to much of the packaged fare being offered in traditional grocery stores.

Will Americans continue their trend towards buying organic and natural foods? Time will tell.

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