Google’s New Baby; Android Market Web Store

Google has done it again. February 2nd they launched a new App Store called, the Android Market Web Store, with previews of their new iOS made for tablet computers and over 100,000 apps for Android users to browse through. Before this the apps were only accessible by a mobile app, but this one opens it up.
Google’s Android technology quickly became Apple Inc.’s leading smart phone iOS (having the largest smart phone market share), with developers creating over 300,000 different apps, total. Its first year was a whirlwind of success, selling over 14.8 million tablet computers and forcing developers all over the world to start looking into producing their own tablet products.
Apple’s newest toy, Honeycomb, is an iOS developed for tablet computers that will also work on smart phones, with an array of improvements to the user’s interaction with it. Google big-wigs wouldn’t talk about modifying the apps for others to use, but we all know it’s only a matter of time until it’s out there for anyone.
Google is Growing Up Fast With Apple

Honeycomb is Google’s first official act in releases for tablet computers. The dynamic basic interface of Honeycomb is more active with widgets being updated automatically on the home screen. Messages, weather, news and other apps are kept current, and yet other apps being used are noted along the bottom in easy-to-read boxes. Honeycomb is touted to have a more sophisticated look, too.
Google doesn’t mass produce its own products, it out-sources that by bringing software developers and hardware manufacturers together and making a profit on its advertising and gmail programs, which come standard in the new operating system.
Android is very popular; as per NPD Research, 53% of people that bought smart phones in one quarter bought an Android device. At the same time, iPhones were purchased by 19% of all US consumers.
It’s predicted that Apple will be coming out with a new version of iPad around the same time that Honeycomb reaches the market. We’ll have to wait and see.