How to interact with people at work

Your success in the corporate world depends a lot on the level of cooperation you get from the people who work with you. Whether it is subordinates, colleagues or superiors, having the right kind of interaction with them will go a long way in helping you get your work done quickly and efficiently. Here is a look at some character traits that make for good interpersonal relationships at work:

1. Say Hello: People always like it when you greet them first so make sure you make the initiative. Not greeting people when you see them or meet them in corridors will give you a reputation of being ‘stuck up’. Make sure your greetings are warm and courteous and don’t appear fake and plastic.

2. Chat up: When you go to the canteen for lunch or to the pantry for a coffee break, start off conversations with colleagues around you. It doesn’t always have to be about work. You could discuss sports, movies, real estate or anything else that interests everyone in the group. The more the people involved in the conversation, the deeper reach you will have.

3. Listen and acknowledge: When you are trying to have a friendly image, people are bound to approach you to share views or even grievances. Always listen attentively and if you are not comfortable with what is being said, don’t just walk off or cut the conversation short but listen politely. People like listeners!

4. Don’t be a groupie: Office politics can be dangerous and you should try your best to stay away from becoming part of a group. If a person is bad-mouthing a colleague, listen but never contribute your own two cents. Always remain unbiased and stay away from negativities.

5. Body language: The way you carry yourself makes a huge difference to how people perceive you so always portray a confident, self assured image.